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Clinical Massage Therapy in Salem, Oregon
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Investing in massage is an investment in your health. Pricing is all inclusive and tips are neither required nor requested. Rebook another appointment with me or refer friends instead! All appointments are currently located within Innerhealth Acupunture Clinic in Salem, Oregon.

Clinical Massage Therapy is my own style of bodywork that has continuously evolved over the past 20 years.  It is based on the framework and techniques of Shiatsu and Thai Massage while balanced with my clinical massage background in treating acute and chronic somatic pain complaints.  I utilize an in-depth understanding of human A&P and pathology that I use to develop the appropriate massage therapy session just for you.  Clinical Massage Therapy is usually performed on a comfortable massage table or a large massage mat on the floor for ease of movement and better leverage during stretches. The receiver is always clothed and creme or lotion is rarely used during the massage. A massage table is available if you have difficulty getting up or down from the floor.

Watsu® is freeing the body in warm water. It involves stretches and acupressure originally derived from Zen Shiatsu, connecting with the breath, and meditative stillness.  The practitioner floats the receiver in a warm water (94-96 degrees) therapy pool and employs a variety of techniques to induce a deep relaxation state.  WATSU® is a Registered Service Mark of Harold Dull.

Please contact me directly for more details. Additional travel fees may be added for outcall appointments depending on distance.

Clinical Massage Therapy$120 / 60 minutes
Clinical Massage Therapy$180 / 90 minutes
Clinical Massage Therapy$240 / 120 minutes
New Client First Appointment Only$120 / 90 minutes
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